Measurement principle: electrochemical method.
Measurement parameters: oxygen concentration.
Application: monitoring in the process of thermal processing and baking, process control of gas monomers, monitoring of oxygen content in flows of hydrocarbon gases, monitoring of flows of pure hydrocarbon gases and inert gases while welding, monitoring of oxygen leak in bacteria free chambers, air monitoring.
Advantages: unified output signal 4-20mA, 2-wired connection diagram to external devices with transducer power by current loop; galvanic fuel oxygen cells tested under production conditions; installation of measurement range in ppm and percentage terms using software; high reliability ensuring the usage of modern digital technologies of signals processing and embedded microprocessor; possibility of continuous on-line monitoring; low power consumption and  compactness; maintenance practically is not required.

Regulatory documents conformance: weatherproofed: NEMA-4X; IP65 explosionproofed: Class I, Group A, B, C D, Section 1, Cenelec EЕxd IIC T6FM File #J.I.1V9A9.AE(3615) certificate INIEX #90C.103.882SAA: Ex d IIC T6; IP66; Class I, Zone 1 certificate #AUS Ex3139x.
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